FINALLY: The Definitive Answer To Your Business IT Support Nightmares!

I’ve had more than my fair share of IT nightmares during my ten years spent working as a turn around CEO for companies around the world. It didn’t matter which country I was in, every time I had the same problem: Dreadful, unreliable, and nightmare inducing IT problems.

After wasting hundreds of hours dealing with endless IT companies I started Ziptech. My aim is to end the IT nightmares that keep business owners awake at night. 3 years later our famous RedZed was developed, it enables us to fix computers incredibly quickly and efficiently. Today we help hundreds of business owners end their IT nightmares with our RedZed IT Support.

Jim Simpson – Founder & CEO, Ziptech Services

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4 More Great Reasons to choose Ziptech’s RedZed IT Support

No Robots

Call us during office hours and you’ll get a real live human being every single time.

Fast Response

Waiting is frustrating so our engineers will get back to you faster than Mo Farrah’s speed boat.

UK Based

We never outsource your calls abroad and are proud to have a team of 100% UK based engineers.

Jargon Free

Geek speak and techno babble is not our style: Straight talking plain English experts is all you’ll find here.

What our clients say…

Access To A Large IT Support Team

The beauty of working with Ziptech is that it’s like having 20 IT support people on hand at any point. It’s like employing your own in-house IT support team anyway without paying for it. Anyone on a growing curve should consider working with Ziptech for their IT support. They take away your IT support problems and make life so much easier.


James Bailey, Managing Director
Henry & James, Property, Kensington & Chelsea

Tangible Cloud Savings

Training staff is far simpler, as we can all use the same documentation on the Cloud Server. The email has also been moved to the Cloud, which enables automatic synchronisation which saves so much time.

The best thing about Ziptech was the fact that the company not only had excellent technical expertise, but that they actually took a business analytical approach and looked at our business as a whole


Elvira Lautenschlager, Office Manager
Subway Development Office, London & Hampshire

Successful Move To The Cloud

Ziptech did a good job and I’m pleased to say that I didn’t need to get myself too involved. The post-project support enabled us to handle some of the minor challenges we had had very quickly.
This is the first phase of moving the business to the cloud. We have future plans to move our warehouse management systems to a cloud hosted infrastructure next and we’re already talking to Ziptech about that too.


Dan Coleman, Head of Technology
Isabella Oliver, London and Luton

No longer have to worry

Working with Ziptech has been so much more than no longer having to worry about what happens when something doesn’t work properly. We have just the relationship with Ziptech that we hope our own customers have with us.


Cynthia Simmons, Director
Pool Sentry

Ziptech Helped Us Stablise Our IT

We have a good working relationship with Jim and his team and it’s gone from strength to strength. We can see the benefits of ziptech and they have helped us stabise our IT.


Kevin Croskery, Financial Director
Airbase Group

Cloud Implementation

Ziptech guided us through the various options available to us, and with their clear knowledge of our IT infrastructure and needs, recommended cloud services. Once signed up, Ziptech were on hand to solve the various issues which arose – as this was our first cloud deployment we had no prior experience here. The issues were fixed within a reasonable timeframe in each instance and we are now looking forward to working with them to move many of our in-house services to the cloud.


Guy Dorey, Branch Manager
Offtowork Hospitality Industry Services, London, Edinburgh & Glasgow

Fast Response

Ziptech’s reponse time is fantastic. We have been consistently delighted by their service.


Alan James, Partner
Alan James & Co. Accountancy Practice Surrey

Ziptech Manage My IT – I Manage The Growth Of My Business

I don’t have to worry about IT. If there is an issue my guys know the number, they call it, and it’s sorted out, it doesn’t come back to me. That allows me to carry on planning the stategies and planning the growth of the business, which is what I want.


Dennis Francis, CEO and Founder
39Zero, Consulting Engineers, Kent

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