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Your STRAIGHT TALKING “Business Computing Experts”
Who Cost Effectively Unleash The Hidden Potential in ALL Your IT!

Here at Ziptech Services we focus on being excellent at just one thing:

We provide straight talking business computing expertise for growing UK businesses and charities. Not for home consumers, not for large corporates. They have different needs from those of a growing small to medium sized business.

If I’ve just described you, then like almost 100 other successful businesses you’ll be in great hands.

And with Ziptech Services there is no need to throw out all your existing technology and start again. We’ll help you unleash the hidden potential in the IT investment you’ve ALREADY made to keep your costs under control.

Behind the scenes

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Our History

  • Ziptech History

    2003: The Eureka moment

    Jim Simpson, the company founder & CEO was working in the IT industry as a business consultant and turnaround CEO. As part of the turnaround of these technology companies Jim often tried to outsource the IT Support. He found it was difficult for SMEs to get the quality of IT Support that large companies enjoyed. This was the eureka moment that led Jim to start Ziptech Services.

  • Ziptech History

    2005: Start-up

    Ziptech started in Jim’s home office with just his dog Jess – the original one man and a dog start up! However the company grew quickly and Perry Bowles joined as the first employee as the company moved to its first real office. Perry is now the companies Technical Director.

  • Ziptech History

    2006: The RedZed is born

    Every Ziptech supported computer has the famous RedZed agent. Clients have come to depend upon it for their IT Support. The RedZed enables us to manage and fix your computer incredibly quickly and easily. We were one of the first companies in the UK to use technology like this. We sourced it from the US and it’s still regarded as advanced to this day.

  • Ziptech History

    2008: Client newsletter launch

    Ziptech has always placed a high level of emphasis on clear simple communication. We launched our newsletter specifically to keep business owners and managers at our clients up to date with the latest business technology trends. Still to this day we send it hard copy by post to our clients.

  • Ziptech History

    2010: Apprentice & Work experience programme

    Ziptech was an early supporter of apprenticeship and work experience schemes. We are proud of the fact that a number of our current team have joined as apprentices and growth through the ranks to become very successful well qualified engineers.

  • Ziptech History

    2007 & 2011: Ziptech Moves To The Cloud)

    It’s vital that Ziptech understands new technology before it reaches our clients. That’s why we started early with the Cloud back in 2006 using Salesforce. The Cloud has moved on and so has Ziptech. All our own applications and our desktops are now in the Cloud. We can access them anywhere on any device at any time.

  • Ziptech History

    2012: Expansion

    Throughout the recession Ziptech has continued to expand its client base and grow its service revenue. We’ve expanded the team to almost 20 staff and doubled our office space.

  • Ziptech History

    2013: Microsoft Gold partner

    Ziptech Services is committed to staff training and development. Every single one of our engineers is certified. Many have both Microsoft and Apple certification. During 2013 we were awarded 2 highly sought after and difficult to attain Microsoft Gold Accreditations. That means our clients are supported by some of the best qualified engineers in the industry.

  • Ziptech History

    Today: Still A Dog Friendly Office!

    Jim’s dogs, Mini & Ben, still come to the office as does Bob’s dog Dinky. You may hear the odd bark in the background when you call. Mini loves to attend office meetings and goes to every one she possibly can!

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